Using Electric Search

Using Electric Search

Logging into Electric Search

To log into your Electric Search account:

  • Open up Internet Explorer and in the Address Bar enter and press Go

  • The Electric Search login screen appears as shown.

Electric Search Login Screen

  • In the Email Address box type your Email Address.

  • In the Password box type the password provided to you by your Electric Search Sales Representitive.

If you have forgotten the Email Address or Password you were provided, or you are having trouble logging into Electric Search please email [email protected] or call the Zenark Customer Service team by phone on +353 1 475 9006

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The Main Electric Search screen

Once you have successfully logged into Electric Search you should see the main screen as shown below.

Electric Search Main Panel

The different areas of this screen are as follows:

  1. The Create Search button. Opens up the Create New Search window. See the Creating a Search section below.

  2. The Email Notification button. Opens up the Email Notification times window. See the Editing your Email Notification times section below.

  3. The Help button. Pressing this gives you online help on Electric Search.

  4. The Saved Searches side panel. Lists all the searches you have created previously. You can click on the name of a search in here to open it. See the Viewing Search Results section below.

  5. The Results main panel. Shows the stories matching the current search you have chosen.

  6. The Modify Search button allows you to change a selected search. See the Modifying your Search section below.

Electric Search allows you to create any number of searches on the website. Unlike other online Search Engines, once you have created a search in Electric Search it is saved for you in the Saved Searches side panel and is remembered until you decide to delete it.

New stories which come in and match a search are emailed to you at the time you have chosen on the site. This means once you have created a number of searches, results should arrive in your Inbox as Emails and you can view them directly by clicking on the Story Titles within the Emails. See Reading your Electric Search emails below.

The first time you log into Electric Search you will not have any searches set up. The first step is to click the Create Search button to create a new search.

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Creating a Search

Select the New Search button from the main screen. It is in the top left hand corner just under the Electric Search logo.

Search Configuration

Enter at least one search phrase. Although this screen limits the input to three terms you can enter up to 200 terms into a Search using the Modify Search button later. See the Modifying your Search section below.

Each Phrase is used as an exact match. So entering Allied Irish Bank as a phrase will look for the exact phrase and will not match against Irish Bank or Allied Bank.

Choose Next to continue to the next page.

Search Name

Now enter a name for your search. This is how your search will be shown on the Saved Searches side panel and also how it is identified in your email alerts.

You should then see the Search Created confirmation screen as shown below. Click Finish to close the window and return to the Main Electric Search screen.

Search Created

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Viewing Search Results

Saved Searches

To view a list of Results from a saved search you click on the name of the Saved Search in the side panel of the main Electric Search screen. If you have a large number of saved searches you may need to use the side panels scroll bar to scroll the side panel down to the search you want.

The Search Results open in the Results main panel as shown here.

The sections of this panel are:

  1. The Name of the Search.

  2. The total number of stories found matching the search.

  3. The Newer Stories / Older Stories links for paging through the results returned

  4. The details on the current page of stories you are viewing

  5. The current page of stories you are viewing. The results are arranged into pages of 25 results per page. The most recent stories appear on the first page with the Older Stories link opening the next page of older stories.

A Search Result

Each story result contains the following information:

  • Title of the Story. Click on this to open a new window with the full story from the original website.

  • Date the story was published. This is either the date the original article has on it or, if there is none, the date it was picked up by Electric Search.

  • Search Results
  • The Publication the story belongs to. Clicking on the Publication Name opens the home page of that publication in a new window.

  • The Abstract of the article. This is the first sentence or paragraph of the article. If the first sentence is too long this is not available.

  • The Info link. Clicking this opens a small window with information about the Headline, Website, Date, Link and Abstract of the current story.

Clicking on Modify Search when you are viewing it's results opens the Modify Search window.

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Modifying your Search

Modifying a search allows you to add and remove phrases from a search. It also allows you to remove certain publications from the search results or to filter a search by removing articles that do contain or do not contain a phrase.

The Search Configuration window contains three tabs which allow you to alter the search. These are Phrases, Filters and Publications.


The Phrases tab allows you to add up to 200 phrases or to remove phrases from the search. It lists all current phrases in the search.


To Add a new phrase type it into the Search Phrase field and click the Add to Search button. The phrase will then appear at the bottom of the Search Phrases list.

To Remove a phrase click the [X] beside a phrase in the Search Phrases list. Note that you MUST have at least one phrase in a search.


Click the Filters tab to show the Filters screen.


Filters are used to remove stories from the list of results. A filter is made up of a term, similiar to a phrase, and a type. There are two types of filters. Must Include filters are filters whose term must be in a story for it to be returned as a result. Exclude filters are filters whose term must not be within a story for it to be returned as a result.

Filters are Added by choosing a type from the Include/Exclude drop-down box and entering a Phrase to filter by. Click Apply Filters to add the filter.

To Remove a filter click the [X] beside the filter name in the Filter Phrases list.


Click the Publications tab to show the Publications screen.

Publication List

This screen lists all the publications available in your Electric Search account and allows you to choose if you wish to include stories from that publication in the current search results. By default all publications are included within the results.

To Exclude a publication from the search results tick off the Include tickbox beside the publication name. To include it tick it back on.

Use the ALL link at the top of the list to quickly tick all available publications. Use NONE to untick all publications.

Saving and Cancelling modifications

To save the modifiications to the search click Save. To cancel the changes and close the window without altering the search click Cancel.

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Deleting a Search

Delete Folder

To Delete a Saved Search click the Red X beside the search name as shown here.

Electric Search will ask you to Confirm that you wish to delete the search folder. Click Ok to Confirm or Cancel to cancel.

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Editing your Email Notification times

Setting Email Notifications

Electric Search will email you new articles which match your Search Folders up to once an hour at whatever times you chose. By default it will email new articles once per day at 8:00am. To change this setting click the Email button at the top of the Side Panel. This opens the Email Notification times window.

Tick the hours you wish to receive Email Notifications on and click Update to save your changes.

Click Close to close the window and return to the Electric Search main window.

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System Requirements

To connect to Electric Search on your desktop you need the following:

  1. Any of the following desktop machines:

    • Any Windows compatible PC
    • An Apple Mac running OS/X
    • Any machine running Linux
    • Any machine running Solaris

  2. One of the following browsers:

    • Firefox 1.0 or greater.
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater.
    • Mozilla 1.0 or greater.
    • Opera 7.5 or greater.
    • Safari 2.0 or greater.

  3. An Internet Connection.

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