RSS Sample Page

Zenark Sample embedded RSS News Feed

This page simply shows an RSS News feed with stories selected from inside the Electric Search system appearing in a 3rd party website.

The stories to the right have been chosen using the Electric Search RSS News Feed system and are then embedded into any webpage using easy-to-follow HTML code and Javascript.

This is quick and easy to set up using a model similiar to Google's embedded AdSense system and can be added to any website very quickly.

Sample Code :
<script language="javascript">
  var electricsearch_rssmode = "full";
  var electricsearch_rssurl = "";
  var electricsearch_stylesheetname = "style.css";

  var electricsearch_iframeborder = "0";
  var electricsearch_iframewidth  = "100%";
  var electricsearch_iframeheight = "100%";
  var electricsearch_iframescrolling = "on";

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

Instead of using a Stylesheet you can add the following JavaScript variables to the above to completely control the look of the site.

  var electricsearch_style_body;        // The embedded Page style
  var electricsearch_style_article;     // Each Story style
  var electricsearch_style_title;       // The Title
  var electricsearch_style_title_hover; // The Title when hovering
  var electricsearch_style_date; 	// The Date
  var electricsearch_style_source;      // The Source Website
  var electricsearch_style_description; // The body of each story

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RSS Source for sample on right of this page

The RSS News Feed system is flexible enough to fit in seamlessly with the design of your web site. You can tailor the colours, style, font size, borders etc. exactly as you can any HTML code.

The dynamic news feed shown on the top right of this page can be viewed by right-clicking your mouse and then choosing View Source in the pop-up menu.

To see additional styles in action: Click here and then click on any of the images to view a sample of our customer's sites running live. Could a live news feed in any of these styles enhance your web site?

You can then use View > Source in Internet Explorer, or View > Page Source in Mozilla Firefox to view the code snippet required to create that particular look-and-feel.

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