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The News you Need

How much time do you spend each day reading through newspapers and magazines, or bundles of press clippings?

Zenark provides its clients with news, information, and opinion from every key online source that impacts their business. With critical information collected and delivered to them in a timely fashion, decision-makers can spot threats and opportunities and act immediately and effectively while saving hours of manual research. This has changed the way in which our clients keep on top of news stories.

Our Offer to You

We are convinced that our Electric Search product provides the fastest and most cost-effective means of tracking and monitoring breaking news stories available in the UK or Ireland today.

Because of our focus on particular geographic regions, such as the UK and Ireland, and on specific global industry sectors, such as Technology, Healthcare or Food and Drink, we are certain to have reference customers who can speak candidly and informedly about their relationship with Zenark and their experiences using Electric Search.

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Unlike traditional press clipping services, we charge a comprehensive annual fee, not a per-clip fee. Nor do we charge any "set up" or "keyword" fee.

Put simply, Zenark charges an up-front, predictable, transparent annual fee. Budgeting for the service could not be simpler.

There are no hidden charges, no small print, and no additional fees as your business focus changes throughout the contract period.

This means you get unlimited clips, each filtered for accuracy and relevance for a single low annual cost. Additional information is available on request by contacting us on:

email > [email protected]
telephone > +353 1 475 9006

Alternatively, you can arrange for one of our expert research consultants to call you back by following this link:

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